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Livre ISBN 0590465880 Daniel's Story (Carol Matas)
Daniel's Story (Carol Matas)
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Livre ISBN 0590454226 If You Lived at the Time of the Civil War (Kay Moore)
Livre ISBN 1554396042 Classic Images of Canadian First Nations (Edward Cavell)Classic Images of Canadian First Nations (Edward Cavell)
Livre ISBN 1592238645 Philadelphia : Then and Now (Edward Arthur Mauger)
Livre ISBN 0517033062 The Wall Came Tumbling Down (Jerry Bornstein)The Wall Came Tumbling Down (Jerry Bornstein)
Livre ISBN 3874905284 Concentration camp Dachau, 1933-1945 (Barbara Distel)
Livre ISBN 0062048317 How the french invented love (Marilyn Yalom)How the french invented love (Marilyn Yalom)
Livre ISBN 0060838590 Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded: August 27, 1883 (Simon Winchester)
Livre ISBN 0752548808 Fantastic Facts About Battles, Wars and RevolutionsFantastic Facts About Battles, Wars and Revolutions
Livre ISBN 590402110 The Space Shuttle Story (Luke Begarnie)The Space Shuttle Story (Luke Begarnie)
Livre ISBN 0520068327 A Brief History of Central America (Hector Perez-Brignoli)A Brief History of Central America (Hector Perez-Brignoli)
Livre ISBN 0192842005 Oxford History of Art : The Photograph (Graham Clarke)Oxford History of Art : The Photograph (Graham Clarke)
Livre ISBN  A history of the future of trucking
Livre ISBN 013222335X A History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict (5th Edition)
Livre ISBN 067065549X A Social History of England (Asa Briggs)
Livre ISBN 1897470886 Alone In The Storm (Leslie Vertes)
Livre ISBN 0939526387 The Vietnam Experience : War in the Shadows
Livre ISBN 0939526239 The Vietnam Experience : The Army at War
Livre ISBN 0939526220 The Vietnam Experience : Flags Into Battle
Livre ISBN 0939526212 The Vietnam Experience : The North
Livre ISBN 0939526204 The Vietnam Experience : A War Remembered
Livre ISBN 0939526158 The Vietnam Experience : The False Peace
Livre ISBN 0939526174 The Vietnam Experience : The Aftermath
Livre ISBN 0939526131 The Vietnam Experience : Tools of War
Livre ISBN 0939526085 The Vietnam Experience : Combat Photographer
Livre ISBN 0939526093 The Vietnam Experience : Thunder From Above
Livre ISBN 0939526077 The Vietnam Experience : Fighting for Time
Livre ISBN 0939526050 The Vietnam Experience : A Contagion of War
Livre ISBN 0939526069 The Vietnam Experience : Nineteen Sixty-Eight
Livre ISBN 0939526018 The Vietnam Experience : Praising the Torch
Livre ISBN 0910251355 A Social History of Leisure Since 1600 (Gary S. Cross)
Livre ISBN 0939526034 The Vietnam Experience : America Takes Over
Livre ISBN 0719565693 Pol Pot : The history of a nightmare (Philip Short)
Livre ISBN 0618044280 Making America: A History Of The United States, Volume A: To 1877, Brief
Livre ISBN 0470821280 A Short History of South-East Asia (Peter Church)
Livre ISBN 0374266425 Sophie's World: A Novel about the History of Philosophy (Jostein Gaarder)
Livre ISBN 0300087764 A History of South Africa: Third Edition
Livre ISBN 0195423410 The Peoples of Canada: A Post-Confederation History (J. M. Bumsted)
Livre ISBN 0195418190 Native Peoples: The Canadian Experience (R. Bruce Morrison)

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