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Livre ISBN 0670834262 An artist in nature (Robert Bateman)An artist in nature (Robert Bateman)
Livre ISBN 1560100931 Learn to Draw Mickey and Minnie (Disney)
Livre ISBN 0137641192 Reality Through the Arts (Dennis J. Sporre)Reality Through the Arts (Dennis J. Sporre)
Book 9780062023513Shojo Manga (Kamikaze Factory Studio)
Book 9781631590665The Art of Chalk (Stum, Tracy Lee)
Livre ISBN 382282304X Rockwell (Karal Ann Marling)
Rockwell (Karal Ann Marling)
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Livre ISBN 0192842005 Oxford History of Art : The Photograph (Graham Clarke)Oxford History of Art : The Photograph (Graham Clarke)
Livre ISBN 0039214036 Catch a Rainbow : Impressions
Catch a Rainbow : Impressions
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Livre ISBN 0520050878 Drawings Of Raphael (Joannides)
Drawings Of Raphael (Joannides)
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Livre ISBN 0138500665 The Story of Art (E.H. Gombrich)
Livre ISBN 2733502778 Boudin : Sky And Sea (Laurent Manoeuvre)
Livre ISBN 2920217410 Rembrandt's Nightwatch : The mystery Revealed (Georges Boka)
Livre ISBN 0137665849 Realism and Tradition in Art 1848-1900 (Linda Nochlin)
Livre ISBN 0891347836 Acrylic Decorative Painting Techniques (Sybil Edwards)
Livre ISBN 0030894344 Arts and Ideas (William Fleming)
Livre ISBN 289393045X Seurat (Simonetta Rasponi)Seurat (Simonetta Rasponi)
Seurat (Simonetta Rasponi)
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Livre ISBN 0905203305 A Corpus of Spanish Drawings: Volume IV: Valencia, 1600-1700
Livre ISBN 0025101218 Glorafilia: The Venice Collection
Livre ISBN 0740700294 Paint: Colors, Techniques, Inspiration (Mary Engelbreit)

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